New Airbnb Logo Looks and Sounds Better as a Song

Well, when I first played this video, I thought to myself, ‘Great, another joke about how the new Airbnb logo looks like a vagina.’ Boy, was I wrong. No, it turns out this little song is all about how the new Airbnb logo looks like male genitalia. How about that?

The song is from Brett Domino, a YouTube musician who seems like a cross between Weird Al and William Shatner. He takes his turn launching zingers at the world’s most beleaguered new logo in melodious fashion, which you can now enjoy in all its two-minute glory.

At this point, I’ve heard the new Airbnb logo likened to female genitalia, male genitalia, and the good old gender-neutral anus multiple times. To be honest, It’s almost like this whole Airbnb logo business says way more about the people reacting to the logo than it does about Airbnb and their marketing team. And you know what, if you ask me, I think it kinda looks like an ‘A’—crazy, right?

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