Take a Selfie with this Novelty Toaster

Such is The Process. Something amusing or unexpected happens. Someone makes a good joke about it, and everyone laughs. Thousands of derivative jokes are mass produced, and then The Thing gets less funny. And, finally, once Peak Thing is reached, someone tries to make money off it.

In other words, if you want to buy a toaster that will put images on your toast, instead of hoping for the odd Jesus to appear on his own, you can now do that. The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, which exists, is selling custom, made-to-order toasters. Send them an image of your face, or an inspirational morning message, or sandwich-making instructions if you need some extra lunch-making help, and they’ll send you a toaster that will sear that image onto your toast, every time.

There’s already a stable of images you can peruse, if you want to just pick one and buy it. Of course, the limiting factor here is that you can only pick one image. So, this is a big decision that will determine the fate of every piece of toast you make, and should not be taken lightly. The toasters come in five colors, and sell for $75 each. Choose wisely.

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