Kickstarter’s Nude Audio Super-M Speaker Gets a Beating and Survives

Nude Audio

Are you looking for a speaker with great sound that you can take anywhere? Check out the new Super-M from Nude Audio. It looks like a great little speaker that you can put in your pocket take to the beach or even hang in the shower.

The Super-M itself is not much bigger than an iPhone and will fit easily in most pockets. It comes with a short cord so you can wrap it around your wrist while carrying it. It also makes it easy to find in your bag. The charging and audio in ports are covered by a thick rubber flap which stays closed very well. This is important due to the claim that it is waterproof. The power, volume and Bluetooth connection buttons are large and easy to press.

The battery life is claimed to be 8 hours and though there is no easy way to know how much power is remaining, in our testing, we never had the unit run out of juice. The Bluetooth 4.0 connection was quick and painless as it should be. And it auto-connects on power up, so there’s no need to open your phone’s settings each time. And of course it can also be used as a speakerphone.

What about the sound? Here’s what the specs say, ‘The Super-M has 4 full-range, high-performance neodymium drivers are tightly packed on both sides of the Super-M, with each pair complemented by a passive radiator, totalling 6 drivers.’ Here’s what we say, “It sounds awesome!” This speaker produces a strong sound with a great low end bass, though it does lack high treble sounds. Overall, it is noticeably louder than many other Bluetooth speakers in the same price range and is comparable to higher priced devices.

As for the claims of surviving water, sand and other like elements? The Super-M has an IPX-5 Waterproof rating, so it should be protected against low pressure water stream from any angle. It passed our tests with flying colors! We took it to the beach, carried it around, threw it in the sand, and finally put it under the faucet to wash it off. At the end if the day, it looked and sounded like new.


We love the Super-M’s strong sound. This is the perfect speaker for a day at the beach or any sort of outdoor activity. Our testing unit was Black, but more colors will be available soon. The Super-M is currently on a Kickstarter campaign which has already raised 400% of its goal. You can order one for a minimum pledge of $99 w/free shipping. Get on over and support the campaign and order yours today.

The Good: Incredible sound. Waterproof. Sandproof.

The Bad: Slightly lacking in treble.

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