Orphan Black Comic Book is Coming to a Clone Near You

Orphan Black

News out of San Diego Comic-Con is that Orphan Black is getting a comic book adaptation courtesy of IDW Publishing. We’re all beside ourselves with happiness.

It’s been good news all around for one of our current eminently binge-able sci-fi favorites. Earlier this month, Orphan Black was renewed for a third season by BBC America. The new season is being filmed now, and will air next spring, which is around the same time we’ll see IDW’s comic book adaptation. Don’t expect a rehash, though—the comic series will tell original stories from the world of Orphan Black.

templatesOrphan Black

A comic series should be a great fit! We know what’s going on with Sarah—the comics would be a great place to explore the other clones’ stories, especially the ones that died before we got a chance to meet them. Might even have more to say about Beth, although I’m guessing that’s going to be saved for the show.

As for IDW, they have plenty of experience with licensed comic book adaptations, having done work in the past for 24, Metal Gear Solid, and Doctor Who, among many, many others. The artist and writer lineup for the series hasn’t been announced yet, but there’s plenty of time for that news to come out before next spring.

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