Pinterest Making it Easier to Follow Interesting Pins


Starting today, there’s a better way to Pinterest. In addition to following other users and browsing by categories, Pinterest will add subcategories that you can follow.

This is probably how Pinterest always should have worked. The site has become attractive to many enthusiasts following everything from fitness to fashion—instead of hunting down a bunch of specific users that appeal to them, those enthusiasts can now just follow their specific interest. That way, pins from familiar other users will pop up on their feed, along with pins from other users those enthusiasts might not have happened upon yet.

Starting today, if you go to a category, you’ll be able to browse sub-categories that you can follow. For example, checking out the ‘outdoors’ category will bring up sub-categories like  hiking, backpacking, or even something as specific as ultralight backpacking. You can follow any of those, which will fill up your feed with trending pins from all the sub-categories that you follow.

The update is rolling out starting today, so if you don’t see the new sub-categories yet, you should within the next week or two.

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