We Found Mario’s Power Up Flask


Flagging at work? Good thing you’ve got a little power up potion tucked away in your bag!

This Power Up Flask is a light throwback to the classic Game Boy era of handheld gaming. The sales description says this flask is great for orange soda. I agree, it’s definitely a great way to drink some ‘orange soda’ to help you recover after a soul-draining two-hour meeting or cope with the sight of thousands of unread emails leering at you like you’re Sisyphus. ‘Orange soda’ has magical properties.

It’s also a BPA-free plastic flask, so it’s less likely to kill you than the plastic flasks of old. So, we’ll have to deduct some retro points there, but I suppose we can forgive the oversight. Perpetual Kid has the Power Up Flask for $10, with a scheduled ship date sometime in October.

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