Seagate Central Gets Its Own Roku Channel

Here is some good news for Seagate Central users – Seagate now has its own dedicated channel on Roku that you can use to stream your content conveniently.

If you have Seagate Central personal cloud storage or Seagate Wireless Plus, you can connect your device wirelessly to a Roku box and access all of your content through a dedicated Seagate channel. The channel is a streamlined file browser, allowing you to search through all of the content you have saved on your Seagate device and stream movies, pictures, or music to your television.

It’s a handy addition if you have both, creating a dedicated channel based around your own personal content. Sure, there are already about a million ways to stream your personal content to your television anyway, but a little extra convenience never hurt.2278-Roku-Promo-1000x357

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