Secret Apple eBay Store Sells Dirt Cheap iPhones

Psst… Apple is selling cheap refurbished iPhones from a secret outlet on eBay. But whoa, keep it down—Apple wouldn’t want to be caught advertising low prices or anything.

AppleInsider has discovered the store, going under the ultra-incognito ‘Factory Outlet eBay Store’ name. According to their report, AppleInsider is not certain that the store is from Apple, but remarks that the store appears similar to a refurbished iPad store Apple ran last year.

Plenty of evidence suggests the store is really from Apple. You can get an Apple Certified refurbished iPhone 5 with a one-year warranty from Apple, along with assurances that all units have been burn-in tested, professionally repackaged, and put through quality assurance by Apple. The fact that Apple hasn’t commanded eBay to take down the store immediately suggests more than anything that this is legit.

The store has huge discounts on all models of the iPhone 5. Black and white versions of the 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB iPhone 5 are selling between $450 and $500. For an unlocked 64 GB iPhone 5, that’s a $350 price cut compared to what Apple has on their official site. That’s an awful lot of reasons to ignore the word ‘refurbished’ in that sales description.

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