Does Someone Need a Raise? WWE Star Gets Caught with Stolen iPad Case

Diva Emma

We’ve heard of iPads getting lifted before, but things must be getting really dire when we start to hear about swiped iPad cases.

Our heroine, Emma, is currently under the employ of the WWE. I hope the WWE is paying its people enough, but I’m not so sure, because Emma was arrested on Monday for stealing a red iHome Slim Swivel iPad Mini case from a Walmart in Hartford, which is where the WWE was pitching its tent for the evening. Actually, she’s already been charged with and found guilty of 6th degree misdemeanor larceny, and given one day of community service. I’m sure the WWE can’t wait to fold this into a storyline.

There’s a chance it was an accident, and that poor Emma just screwed up while trying to use the self-checkout machine, which I think a lot of people can probably sympathize with. But, if the thieving was really deemed necessary, we’d like to tell Emma there are much better ways to get a free iPad case. She’s always free to write a case review for us!


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