Eric Stonestreet and His Mom Bond Over Swiffer

Who holds the Swiffer in your home? Is there egalitarian Swiffer use in your family? These are the tough questions Swiffer is exploring, with the help of Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet.

Stonestreet shot a few spots for everyone’s favorite hard floor cleaning tool, including one with his mom that clearly demonstrates the superior cleaning power of the Swiffer, but raises many more questions about the nature of Stonestreet’s childhood. We may never learn more about the latter, but at least we can look to the Swiffer as we do to a lighthouse in a raging storm, a known in a world of unknowns.
Eric Stonestreet

Speaking of answering questions, Swiffer is also letting everyone in on the state of cleaning in the nation. Turns out, cleaning is still a contentious subject. 85 percent of couples reported that the cleaning question causes stress in the home, according to the Swiffer Cleaning Index survey that Swiffer commissioned. The survey also revealed that 82 percent of wives reported they don’t ask spouses to help with cleaning for fear of being called a nag, while 61 percent of husbands say they would help with household chores if they were asked. I think both of those numbers are fraudulent, and that a lot of men and women in the United States are liars.

The survey also indicated that communication is key in resolving cleaning tensions. Of course, you could just take the word ‘cleaning’ out of that last sentence, and you’d have decades of relationship advice synthesized into one line. In other words, it looks like Swiffer is now your marriage counselor.

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