Buy a Whole Town for $399,000!

We already knew that Trulia, a luxury real estate site, was good for buying Barbie mansions. Well, forget that dream house for a second. Why have a mansion when you can just buy a town? All of it. The whole town.

It probably says a lot about Barbie that her mansion is way, way more expensive than this town. Granted, Swett, South Dakota isn’t all that big. For $399,000, you’re getting a bar, a large garage, one house, three trailer houses, and, crucially, an on and off sale liquor license. Back in the day, Swett used to have a post office, making it a real town, but it was taken away after the federal government unsurprisingly decided the town was a little too small to make a post office worth their while. Swett is still on the map, though, so it totally still counts.

The whole town covers just 6.16 acres. Some of that is a pretty awesome bar, which has a party room and a stage area, along with modern conveniences like coolers and insulation, which might take away from the charm, come to think of it.

You also get to keep whatever the previous townspeople left behind. Maybe I should say townsperson? I’m not sure. Anyway, point is you can say you own a town, and if you’ve got the cash, that’s probably worth the asking price all by itself.

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