Who Needs Sunscreen, When You Have a UV Blocking Scarf?

Endless Summer Scarf

You do. You still need sunscreen. Please keep wearing it. But, you can add an extra layer of protection with sun-protective clothing from SummerSkin.

You can think of sun-protective clothing as Robin to sunscreen’s Batman—occasionally helpful, but it’s not going to save the day on its own. The material that goes into sun-protective clothing blocks UV radiation to varying degrees measured in UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), which is analogous to SPF for skin-applied products. Sun-protective clothing and sunscreen essentially work the same way, though—they protect what they cover, so unless you’re wearing a sun-protective bubble, get out your sunscreen.

A little extra protection never hurts. But, sun-protective clothing has long had the same problem that all wearable technology has struggled with—it’s never been the most fashionable. SummerSkin is fixing that, and one of the best numbers they have is this Endless Summer Scarf. It’s amorphous enough to be a scarf, hood, skirt, or shoulder wrap, so you can protect whatever it is you think needs the most protection. It has a UPF rating of 50+, which is the max and means that at least 98 percent of UV rays are getting blocked. And, most importantly, it looks like something you might actually like to wear outside. It helps that the material (largely bamboo viscose) is light and breathable, too.

The FDA has no involvement in the creation and marketing of sun-protective clothing, so it’s kinda the Wild West out there. That said, SummerSkin is coming from the aptly named Summer Kramer, a licensed pharmacist and skin cancer survivor, so it’s coming from someone who has some expertise and plenty of reason to care.

The Endless Summer Scarf is available in 11 styles, and is selling for $49.

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