Vine is Ready to Get Loopy with Loop Counts

There’s a new way to keep score on Vine! Don’t just see how many people like your six seconds of fame—check out how many times people watch it over and over again. Fingers crossed someone falls asleep while watching one of yours! Loops all night.

Starting now, Vine is adding a loop count to each Vine. The number will update in real time, tallying how many loops your Vine has. If you check the loop count on your Vines now, you might be surprised at how high the number is—Vine has actually been keeping track since April 3, but is just now starting to bring those numbers to you. If your Vine went up before April 3, you’ll get a “+” next to your loop count, which you can pretend stands in for like, one billion.

Also as part of the new update, you’ll get notifications when your Vines hit milestones, topping a certain number of likes or loops. With all that, Vine becomes yet another competitive social media platform. I’m expecting the first Social Media Olympics by 2020, at the very latest. I can’t wait for the crooked judge scandals in the Instagram event.

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