VTech Debuts its First Smartwatch, the Kidizoom

Whenever adults get new toys, the kids have to get theirs soon after. The smartwatch is now headed to kids’ wrists with the VTech Kidizoom, a camera watch perfect for making sure your kids can spy on you. Wait, this is supposed to be a good thing, right?

templatesSmartwatch might be a strong word for something that has no way to connect to the Internet, but it’ll be loads of fun for kids nonetheless. The Kidizoom has a camera that kids can use to take video and stills, along with a microphone. Using the admittedly pretty tiny 1.4″ touch screen, they can edit what they record, using filters, effects, and voice changers to complete with all kinds of silly creations.


There are four games pre-loaded onto the watch, and more can be downloaded by using VTech’s Learning Lodge on a Mac or PC and transferring the apps to the watch using a Micro USB cable. Past that, there are standard watch features like an alarm clock, a timer, and a stopwatch, plus a few customization options, like over 50 different watch faces to choose from. And, because we’re talking about kids here, the watch is splash proof, shock proof, and sweat proof. The battery is rechargeable, and should last for about two weeks.

The VTech Kidizoom is available now for $60. Just be on your best behavior when your kid has it on—they’ll probably be recording.

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