This App Will Get You More Likes on Instagram

You won’t get a Like from Facebook corporate, but you’ll get plenty of Likes from—bots, other users, I’m not entirely sure—with the well-titled Get Likes on Instagram app.

Get Likes on Instagram is one of many bold, in-your-face affronts to Facebook’s efforts to root out the fake likes that are interfering with their precious advertising algorithms and making a lot of their business partners none too happy. Sucks for them! While Zuckerberg and co. emulate Wile E. Coyote, you can watch the likes roll in for your own stuff, wherever they come from, as long as you pay it forward.

Get Likes on Instagram makes you a peasant in the Like Farm collective, asking you to give thumbs up to any and every Instagram post you come across. Your reward for make benefit glorious Liking enterprise is coins doled out from the central authority every time you Like something. You can use those coins to buy Likes for your own posts, at a rate of two coins per one Like. Will it come as a surprise that you can buy said coins with real money as in-app purchases? No. No it will not.

So, there it is. Want to boost visibility of your Ice Bucket Challenge video on the ‘gram? Help the Like farmers sow their seeds. You also get the satisfaction of contributing to a Mark Zuckerberg headache! They should advertise that as an app feature, probably.

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