Bowers & Wilkins CM Series Takes on a Bold Design

Bowers & Wilkins, purveyors of classy audio, have created a brand new 5.1-channel home surround sound system in the CM series. These speakers are designed to impress with what’s on the outside and on the inside alike.

CM series speakers are housed in real wood boxes with screwless metal detailing, for a seamless result. They all look smooth and glossy, which helps to draw attention to the bold speaker grilles. The CM series looks sharp and sophisticated, with hard edges around the stands and speaker boxes that can easily fit in with every interior design scheme.

But, if the CM series does match your decor, the audio technology inside seems like it won’t let you down. Decoupled double dome tweeters handle the high notes. Those high notes will be coming in especially clear from two of the speakers in the line, which have the tweeters perched on top of the boxes. One of the center speakers has two bass drivers and an FST Kevlar midrange driver, while the subwoofer provides the bulk of the bass in the set.

The CM series is available in one of two sets—the CM9 S2 for large rooms and the CM8 S2 for smaller rooms. Either way, you’re getting 5.1-channel surround sound. Both include three towers, three stand-mounted speakers, two center speakers, and a subwoofer.

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