The Capsule is a Designer Aquarium for Smart Fish

Flushed a few too many dead fish for your liking? It’s time to throw in the towel on getting a goldfish to live longer than a week, and go electronic. You’ll get wirelessly charged fish that give you smartphone notifications, and goldfish everywhere will be more likely to live for, I don’t know, two weeks? Everyone wins!

The Capsule is a designer aquarium that pairs with LumiPUFF, your new, death-proof pet. It’s even death-proof by electronic standards! The fish are wirelessly charged by the base of the aquarium, so you’ll never have dead fish batteries to mourn.

LumiPUFF makes a decent effort at being like a real fish—it won’t just be a floating ball in water, which, to be fair, is already better than some real fish. LumiPUFF will swim away from the wall of the aquarium if you tap on it, and the lights on its body go down as it gets hungry. You can feed your fish using a little game on a smartphone app, which will bring your fish back to being fully lit.

The app is good for plenty else, too. You can connect the fish to your phone via Bluetooth, which will make the fish flash when you get notifications. You can also change the col0rs on your fish. Clearly better than a real fish. I wouldn’t go crying for real fish, though, because again, average goldfish lives are going to shoot up by at least 100 percent if everyone gets one of these. It’s for the best.

As for the Capsule itself, you can change the background color to suit the decor. It also has dynamic lighting, so it’ll dim as lights in your room also go down. That’s good, because you wouldn’t want a dark room with extremely bright electronic, unblinking fish eyes staring at you while you sleep. Nope.

Pre-orders for the Capsule will begin in January of next year. The pre-order price will be $170 for a limited time, which will go up to $270 at some point. The Capsule is scheduled to go into production in May 2015, with a June 2015 release.

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