The Casio is Reborn as a Cat Keyboard Scratcher

I have just come to a Most Horrifying Revelation. We are now approaching the time when old, dead Internet memes are going to start coming back as retro memes. Retro memes are going to be a thing. I have never been more convinced of the inevitability of something.

That’s a long way of saying that Keyboard Cat has been a dead meme for a while. Perhaps I should say dormant, though, because Keyboard Cat is back. Keyboard Cat is back, and he is your cat. He is all of the cats, everywhere, thanks to the Cat Keyboard Scratcher. Cats the world over can now wail away on this scratching post, doing their best impression of one of the undisputed giants of Internet cat history.

The Cat Keyboard Scratcher is made of cardboard, though, so your cat might be playing it off sooner rather than later depending on claw size. You can get one from Perpetual Kid for $12.

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