Eclipse Antenna Brings Back Free TV Channels to the Masses

Analog television is dead, but television antennas sure aren’t. Anyone with a modern television can grab an antenna and still pick up network television the good old fashioned, free way. If it means less money going to cable companies, that has to be a good thing, right?

One such antenna is the Eclipse from Antennas Direct. The Eclipse can pull in digital HDTV network signals from over the air, giving you all of your local network stations for free. Granted, you still need to live close enough to those local networks’ broadcast towers—specifically, within 35 miles, the Eclipse’s advertised range. As long as you do, the Eclipse should be good enough to give you clear and, most importantly, free reception.

The Eclipse is also pretty easy to position. The 12-foot coaxial cable gives you a lot to work with, and the surface of the antenna is semi-adhesive, thanks to SureGrip technology. It’ll stick to any flat surface, but can be easily moved without leaving any residue behind. That way, once you find that magical reception spot, you won’t need to MacGyver up anything crazy to keep the antenna in place.

The Eclipse costs $90, and is scheduled to arrive in stock on September 10. There’s also a cheaper, passive antenna with a 25-mile radius for $70.

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