Evermind Lets You Know When Grandma is Making a Cup of Coffee

In the United States, 30 percent of the elderly population live by themselves. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that—everyone, not just the elderly, take pride in independence. Problem is, there’s still a lot of risk involved, and it’s hard for family members to check on their elderly relatives’ well-being, especially if they live far away. Evermind is a clever new device that should help to put both those elderly relatives and their families’ minds at ease.

Evermind relies on daily routines to be signals that everything is OK. With purchase, you receive three Evermind sensors. The sensors are plugged into wall sockets—just put them where the three most used appliances in the house are, and the sensors will recognize every time the appliance is turned on or off. So, if you have a family member that always wakes up, brews a pot of coffee, and turns on the television in the morning, you can put sensors on the coffee maker and the television. Family members will receive customized alerts about usage habits—either when the appliances are used, or when they haven’t been used for an unexpectedly long amount of time.

Evermind costs $200 plus $29 per month for the service. Evermind operates on its own independent Internet connection, so no home Wi-Fi is required, but that probably contributes to the monthly service cost.

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