Your Nose Will Thank You For this Toilet Seat

Love dropping a deuce, but terrified of certain “awful after-effects?” Your sulfuric fumes can linger in the bathroom for minutes, making family and friends gag in horror. Even worse, those noxious odors can waft into the rest of house, wreaking havoc on your loved ones. There’s got to be a better way!

Presenting Fresh Air Plus, the solution to your bathroom blues—or should we say browns? Fresh Air Plus looks like your standard toilet seat, but look closer and you’ll find a revolutionary new way to get rid of those revolting smells. Taking a seat on your new throne will activate a fan inside the toilet bowl that will blow your nasty gas through a hose. Simply connect that hose through your bathroom vent or window, and voila! Those gases are the atmosphere’s problem in no time flat!

Got an annoying sibling? Revenge is now a dish best served warm! Slip the business end of this hose into their room on the sly, and give them a hot blast of vengeance they won’t soon forget—just don’t give dad any ideas!

Fresh Air Install v1 from Nick McIntyre on Vimeo.

But, Fresh Air Plus needs a little push before it can land in your bowl. Keep an eye out for their Kickstarter, which should be launching sometime in September. If you donate to one Kickstarter this year, you know which one to pick.