Hermès Tie Break App is Perfect For Guys Who Need a Little Fashion Help

The newest entry into the appvertisement world is Hermès Tie Break, an app that—well, there’s kind of a lot going on here. Hermès ties, assuredly, play a central role.

Appropriately enough for something that purports to be a timewaster, there’s a lot of little things to play around with in this app, none of which require more than a few minutes of your attention, tops. It’s kind of like when you give your dad the TV remote and watch as he jams the channel up button for the next 20 minutes. The apps skips from arcade-style games to actor rehearsals to hypnotic tie designs.

Finally, you get to the crux of the app, which is like when your dad inexplicably stops his channel changing rampage on QVC. You can browse Hermès’ collection of ties, scarves, and bow-ties, while learning how to actually wear each of those. There are even behind-the-scenes looks at how Hermès produces all of the above.

The app is probably a solid choice for guys who are not very good at fashion. In addition to learning how to wear the things you buy, guys can actually check to see if the ties or scarves they’re looking at actually match the shirts they own. Automated fashion advice is the future, and the future is here.

The Hermès Tie Break app is available now for Android and iOS for free.

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