Did You Know That Tom Hanks Created an App?

Tom Hanks loves typewriters. Loves ’em. He loves modern technology, too. He also loves putting the two together—working together with Hitcents, a jack-of-all-trades tech company, he’s fashioned a word processing app with a typewriter feel. It looks like the love is spreading, too—Hanx Writer has topped the iPad free app chart just a little over a week after release.

Hanx Writer turns your iPad into a typewriter, with all the clacking and shifting sound effects you can handle. If you really want to step back in time, you can even delete the delete key, opting to strike out your errors, like you had to do back when typing errors meant something. You can switch up the look and feel of the app with a few different typewriter skins that are available as in-app purchases.


Tom Hanks’ gift to mobile word processing is available now for the iPad for free.

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