Only In Hollywood, Drones Spotted Over LAPD Police Station

Hollywood Drones

Who watches the watchmen? I don’t know, and apparently, neither does the LAPD.

Someone has been flying drones and spying on the Hollywood division of the LAPD. So, whether this is being done in the hopes of getting exclusive video of the inevitable future Los Angeles Bieber arrest or for the stated reason of capturing police corruption on tape is unclear. Either way, the LAPD doesn’t like it one bit. Sucks for them, because for once, the law’s not on their side.

The drone isn’t being used for commercial reasons, it’s not flying above 400 feet (which would fall under FAA jurisdiction), and it’s not recording audio without consent, which means that no laws are actually being broken in the act of using a drone to film an LAPD police station. Chalk one up for the little guy. Let’s all grab some cheap champagne and celebrate while we can, before the cops get the go ahead and start using drones to break up our house parties.


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