Lexon’s Latest Radio Takes Design Cues from a Wicker Chair?

How do you keep gadgets on the edge of obsolescence relevant? With good design! Take this AM/FM radio—traditional radio might be becoming passe, but at least it’s coming in a package that looks like it should be thrown in your picnic basket.

The Hybrid AM/FM radio was designed by Mathieu Lehanneur. The wraparound wicker exterior gives a ton of character to an otherwise run-of-the-mill clock radio. In fact, it’s a little too old school, running on four AA batteries instead of a rechargeable one. Still, it’s a winner in the summer months, and would probably go great with a bottle of wine, some cheese, and a blanket.

Also, that wicker pattern is the same one that was on the kitchen chairs we had when I was growing up, so that’s pretty cool, too. An absolutely inspiring clock radio, here.

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