Hungry? Loliware Cups Are Good Enough to Eat and You Can!

Genuinely good stuff today from a couple of sharp women. Leigh Ann Tucker and Chelsea Briganti combined their love of Jell-O and distaste of wasteful disposable cups to create Loliware. Loliware is one of those things that should have happened a long time ago—an edible cup.

Tucker and Briganti toyed around with various kinds of gelatin before settling on a plant-based, vegan-friendly gelatin that hardens up nicely enough to be molded into a serviceable cup. So, yeah. You can drink from these cups to wash down your meal, then chow down on your cup for dessert. They should be mandatory for parties, too. These things are going to be a revelation when it comes to clean-up. Also, we’ve got a totally new take on Jell-O shots.

Loliware will eventually come in multiple flavors and colors. Right now, you can get a four-pack of yellow citrus-flavored cups for $12. They even have suggested drinks to pair with your cup! This is a whole new world we’re entering. Another seasonally-themed flavor will launch in fall, but you can also contact Loliware directly for inquiries about custom flavors and colors.

I don’t even have any jokes about this or anything. This is just a great idea. I am in complete support of the proliferation of edible cups in all possible facets of life.


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  1. Is no one else thinking about the sanitary issues that these Loliware cups have? Think of a regular cup, putting it down on tables, counters etc.. Touching things then picking up your cup again. You hardly ever finish a drink off right away and generally always place it down a number of times before finishing your drink. Then your going to eat it???

  2. how different is that from eating your food gradually? picking it and setting it down on a plate and taking it up again. I don’t think that’s a big deal.

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