New App Could Help Those Who Suffer From Dyslexia

Working on a computer might be a little easier on the eyes soon for those with dyslexia. Spellex, a company better known for its speech recognition and spell check software, has released DysLex, a font designed to be easier to read, based on research into what font attributes are better or worse for dyslexia.

DysLex doesn’t completely eliminate the ill effects of dyslexia, but it does use a few tricks to mitigate problems like characters being flipped or jumbled. The most visually striking attribute of the new font is how bottom-weighted the characters are—it almost looks like the characters are fading away as they go from bottom to top. That’s supposed to help character readability, and should help to prevent those characters from being flipped. The characters are also larger than your average font. DysLex should be helpful, but it looks different enough from your standard fonts to where it’ll probably take some getting used to.

In order to increase word clarity, there is more spacing between characters. That includes kerning, which adjusts the nature of the spacing to prevent any optical illusions of characters blending into one another.

Spellex is selling educational and professional licenses for DysLex for $25 and $60, respectively.

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