PGA Championship TV App Coming to Samsung Smart TV

The sports media might still be rooting around in the rough for ways to make golf interesting without resorting to Tiger Woods, but Samsung’s already gotten ahead of the curve. Get ready for all the explosive golf action you can handle, because the PGA Championship TV App is coming to Samsung Smart TVs.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll still need access to cable or network television to actually watch the PGA Championship this weekend, which will be airing on TNT and CBS. But, with the app, you don’t just have to watch what those two channels are serving up. If you want to follow a specific golfer, there are several live feeds that you can switch between. If you have a Galaxy phone or tablet, you can also get the app on that device, so you can watch two streams at once. Try not to go too crazy.

Both apps have plenty of other extras, like an interactive leaderboard and behind-the-scenes content. Also, using the app, you can participate in the Pick the Hole Challenge, which for the second straight year lets fans pick a hole location. This year, that hole will be the 16th hole on the last day. Fans can choose one of four spots on the green for the hole location to be used, which is supposed to teach newer fans about strategy in golf, and how different hole locations can change a golfer’s approach to the game.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV that was released in 2013 or 2014 and you’re going to be tuning in to the PGA Championship this week, might as well give the app a look.

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