Now This is a REALLY Grumpy Cat

For all I know, we might be looking at the figurative and literal Grumpy Cat killer. The old Grumpy Cat can’t hold a candle to this guy, who puts a little bit more contempt into his grumpiness.
This cat was captured in all his fury by photographer Rob Bahou, who apparently and inexplicably survived the encounter, and is now probably going to get a bunch more site traffic and a bunch more sales because of it. So, it was totally worth the risk.

In fact he has some serious skills with pissing off animals it seems. Flipping through his portfolio, you will notice both dogs and cats are none too pleased with their photographer.


It’s hard to say whether or not the hateful one will surpass Grumpy Cat in fame, though. Grumpy Cat brought a grounded, almost human sense of complete disappointment in the world. Her grumpiness was our grumpiness—relatable and, ultimately, sympathetic. Hateful Cat is more difficult to relate to. He is coming from a much, much darker place.

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