It Had to Happen, the Sharknado App is Here

Not ones to let a good Z-movie phenomenon pass them by, game developers Other Ocean have gotten their hands on the Sharknado license, and they’re not afraid to use it.

Sharknado: The Video Game is a mobile game based on the second Sharknado movie, which the people at Other Ocean astutely point out was already pretty much a video game, anyway. The game is more or less a Sharknado-themed Temple Run, which is probably good enough to sell the game as it is. But, there’s also a part where, like in the movie, Fin leaps into a Sharknado and starts hacking away at sharks with a chainsaw. Chainsaw gameplay is always a plus.

Sharknado: The Video Game is available for iOS, initially for $2.99, but it appears the price has already been hacked down to $0.99. You’re going to need a bigger boat for all the (optional) in-app purchases, though. Only time will tell if this will surpass the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood…

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