She Isn’t So Young Anymore, Skipper is Turning 50!

You know Barbie has a younger sister, right? No? Yeah, maybe not. It must really suck to be Barbie’s younger sister. That’s not a shadow you get out from under.

BDH31_c_14_Main (1)

Anyway, Barbie has a younger sister named Skipper, as many devotees know, and this year it’s her 50th birthday! No excuse is necessary for a new doll anyway, so a 50th birthday makes a new doll pretty much obligatory. This time, Skipper gets a hair dye. She’s going brunette for her 50th, and is dressed for an upscale party worthy of the Barbie family, with a hat, blue and white dress, and gloves. There’s a cake and candles, too, but no horse or pony. Feels like there should be a horse or pony here somewhere.

You can get the 50th Anniversary Skipper Doll from Barbie Collector for $40.

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