Spotify Serendipity Lets You Know When Someone Else in the World is Playing Beyonce

Want to know about that one magic moment when someone else in the world starts listening to the Backstreet Boys at the exact same time as you? You might just catch that little bit of Serendipity thanks to Spotify and their new artist-in-residence program.

Serendipity is an interactive world map created by Kyle McDonald, a digital artist and Spotify’s first Media Artist in Residence. Using data from Spotify, the map shows two dots and one song, representing a moment when two people started to play the same song within a tenth of a second of each other. Sometimes the dots are a town away from each other, and other times they’re an ocean apart. It’s a hypnotic map, and at one time was being updated in real-time, although now it seems to be playing a loop of data recorded over one hour of one day.

Most times, you’ll just see the millionth time two people started listening to “Bailando,” but every now and then you’ll see something like a Guns N’ Roses match, and you’ll smile. As for Spotify’s Media Artist in Residence program, it’s an informal thing for now, but Spotify is willing to listen to other ideas people might have, so we might see more fun and creative things like this from Spotify in the future.

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