Surface Pro 3 i3/i7 Now Available in United States and Canada

The initial launch of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 only included the model with the Intel Core i5 processor. That was a bummer for anyone who wanted the cheapest or the most powerful Surface Pro 3. Good news is, the i3 and i7 models are both now available in the United States and Canada.

We’re pretty fond of the new, larger 12″ Surface, which is aiming to provide much more of a complete laptop experience this time around. The new Haswell chipsets from Intel, including Intel’s vastly improved integrated graphics, along with the bigger size have definitely helped matters. It’s a good buy, but if you don’t like the i5 (the ultimate compromise chipset), you can now go all-in on price or performance, whichever is most important to you. The i3 model starts at $800, while the i7 model starts at $1,550.

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