T-Mobile Referral Program Hooks You Up With Unlimited LTE for a Year

Usually, when T-Mobile starts crowing about being the ‘un-carrier,’ they’re pretty indiscriminate when it comes to blasting the other carriers. Not so this week, as T-Mobile stepped up to the mic and spit vicious rhymes about Sprint’s substandard service. If this was rap beef, Sprint’s career would be over.

What T-Mobile is offering is actually pretty simple—it’s a referral program. If a T-Mobile customer gets someone on another carrier to sign up for T-Mobile service, both get unlimited LTE data for one year at no extra charge, with existing unlimited LTE customers getting a $10 monthly bill credit for one year. That someone else can be from AT&T or Verizon, too, but T-Mobile went ahead and picked on Sprint anyway, which is really playing to type when you’re third place out of four.

With gems like ‘when families exceed their cap – assuming that’s even possible on the nation’s slowest LTE network – families are hit with overages to the tune of $15 per gigabyte,’ the press release is worth a read even if you don’t care about the promotion. So much time is spent lobbing grenades at Sprint, it’s a wonder they even got around to fully explaining the deal.

Right, yeah, the deal. The referral program starts on August 29. If you convert someone, you can provide T-Mobile with your mobile number and the number your friend ported over to T-Mobile to claim your reward.

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