V-MODA Celebrates 10 Years with Milan Studio Opening Dedicated to Design

As one of the self-styled founding fathers of the fashionable headphone, V-MODA and its CEO, Val Kolton, know better than most about the importance of adapting to stay relevant. So, the company is stepping up its fashion game for its tenth anniversary by opening up a brand new design studio in Milan.

For a fashion and technology company, if you have the chance to set up shop where da Vinci worked, you have to take it. The new design studio will be in the shadow of Sforza Castle, one of da Vinci’s old stomping grounds. I don’t know what the Last Supper of headphones will look like, but clearly it’s going to come from V-MODA sometime in the next few years.

V-MODA will also be rolling out new product lines and a new look for the brand, but we won’t find out more about that until later this year.

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