Who Wants a Selfie Pocket Mirror?

Look, you might be thinking, ‘Why would I buy this, this unifunctional mirror that does not also display notifications and tell me where the nearest Taco Bell is?’ Well, let me tell you, there’s more to the Selfie Pocket Mirror than meets the eye.

Oh sure, you could just use it to make sure your face is in order before grabbing your real phone and taking a selfie. Or, you could really get your twelve bucks worth by using the Selfie Pocket Mirror as it was destined to be used—advanced anti-phone theft operations. Just set the bait by putting it face down on a table at a party, then keep watch for disappointed thieves. There’s probably no cheaper, better way to identify every single person you need to avoid at a party within thirty minutes of your arrival. $12 to protect your from a loss that could cost you hundreds. That’s probably a better deal than AppleCare!

Perpetual Kid has this stroke of genius for pre-order, but maybe hold off on parties until next month, when the Selfie Pocket Mirror actually ships.

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