Woman Catches Thief Using Her Bank App!

Thieves be warned—the days of snatching someone’s wallet and having yourself an anonymous, ill-gotten shopping spree are long, long gone. Corey White tried, but he was done in by modern technology and an impressively persistent woman that had no intentions of being a victim.

According to a New York Post report, Kirsy Polanco of New York had her wallet swiped by White at a Wendy’s in Greenwich Village. White thought he could take Polanco’s bank cards and go nuts, but White apparently forgot that modern technology tracks everything. Everything certainly includes payment activity, which can be accessed pretty easily on just about any online banking app. Polanco checked her app and saw White’s purchases—booze and shoes.

Just so happened that Polanco noticed the shoes were purchased at a Journeys on East 14th Street. That’s when Polanco showed off the physical part of her detective routine, running to that Journeys, spotting White, and chasing him down into the subway, physically preventing him from getting on a train despite her getting elbowed in the face.

The police arrived, arrested White, and Polanco got her wallet and cash back. So, now that that’s sorted out, if Katee Sackhoff isn’t doing Captain Marvel, we’ve found someone for the next audition.

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