Asus Zen Watch Hands-on

The Asus ZenWatch is Asus’ first wearable device, and it’s looking like a nice alternative to a lot of first party wearables that we’ve seen announced recently. Well, technically, the ZenWatch is also a first party wearable, because Asus makes smartphones. But, you know. It’s hard, the smartphone game.

The ZenWatch runs Android Wear, and so can be used with any device running Android 4.3 and up. That said, the ZenWatch will still be best used with ASUS smartphones, as the watch has a version of the ZenUI designed for wearables layered over stock Android.

Besides getting notifications from your smartphone and allowing you to send and receive calls, the ZenWatch can also act as a remote viewfinder and shutter for your smartphone’s camera and can help you ping your phone if you’ve lost it. It’s also a proper fitness tracker, recording steps taken, calories burned, how long you’ve been exercising, heart rate, exercise intensity, and relaxation level. You can keep track of all of that, plus set goals using the ZenUI Wellness app. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of compatibility with other leading fitness tracking apps.

The watch looks great, thanks to a light brown stitched-leather strap and a 2.5D curved glass display. With the right digital watch face, it can easily pass for a classy watch instead of a gaudy piece of tech attached to your wrist.

No word on release date or worldwide pricing, but we know the ZenWatch will cost €200 in Europe.

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