Which Personal Computing Device Best Fits Your Personality?

templatesThere’s a device out there for every personality, but you don’t need to take a Rorschach test to find out which one fits yours. Leave the inkblot butterflies for when you want to delve into your subconscious—we’ve got you covered when it comes to getting down to tech.

In the past few years, new device categories like tablets, 2 in 1 devices, and all-in-one PCs have shown up on the scene. That’s terrific—more choice is awesome! Unfortunately, it can be a little overwhelming, too, making shopping for a new device a daunting task. Don’t let that stop you from upgrading! We’re here to help you figure out which devices will help you unlock your own potential.

Creative Types

Maybe it’s all the new tools of the trade available—according to an Intel survey, 8 out of 10 device-owning people in the United States consider themselves creative. But, being creative is a little tricky when it comes to technology. You need to be mobile, because inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. But, when it’s time to get to work on creating your work of art, whether it’s animation, digital art, or music, you’ll need some heavy-duty software and hardware to realize your vision.

That’s why 2 in 1 devices are perfect for the artistically-minded. These devices are lightweight and mobile, transforming into tablets when you need to jot down your lightning bolt of inspiration. When you get home, you can use that same device as a laptop, so you can really sit down, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. Either way, your device is going to provide the performance you need thanks to powerful Intel processors that can handle the complex software you’ll need to run.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are perfect—the Type Cover keyboard case is so light, you’ll be able to both be inspired and get to work on the go, letting you unleash your creativity in the moment.

Tech-Savvy Trend-Setters

That same Intel poll also revealed that 61 percent of us think of ourselves as tech-savvy. Being tech-savvy is about more than just having the most powerful gadgets—its about knowing how to make the latest technology work for you. That’s why the most tech-savvy and trendy among us opt for tablets.

61 percent of us think of ourselves as tech-savvy

Tablets are lightweight, cheap, and tick just about all the boxes for most users out there. Thanks to efficient Intel Atom processors, these thin, light devices have unexpectedly long battery lives, with some going for as long as eight or nine hours. Whether you need to take notes in class, get some gaming in on the bus, or enjoy a movie at home, a tablet can get it all done. You can get all that in something like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, a tablet running the full version of Windows 8.1, which comes in at under $300—a savvy choice if I ever saw one.

Dell Venue 8 Pro
Dell Venue 8 Pro

Social Butterfly

The problem with personal computing is that, well, it’s always been a little too personal. It’s a solo affair, and that’s not great for the social butterflies who love to share things with the people around them. That’s why all-in-one PCs are so great for the extroverts among us—with displays ranging from 18″ to 23″, there’s enough real estate there to get family or friends involved in whatever you’re enjoying, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Lenovo Flex 20
Lenovo Flex 20

Take the Lenovo Flex 20. Not only can you use the huge screen to share pictures or video with the people around you, you can open up as many as three screens at once, so multiple people can use the Flex simultaneously. Or, you can lay it flat on a table and play any number of family-friendly board games, using physical game pieces that interact seamlessly with the games running on your device. Either way, you’re using technology to help connect to the people around you.

With powerful Intel processors running the show, these all-in-ones are no slouch when it comes to computing power, either. They’re great for movie nights with friends and family, especially the all-in-ones that come with beautiful 1080p displays that make the most out of that processing power. For the first time, PCs aren’t so personal. All-in-ones are computers busting out of their cocoons, allowing for a social, open experience that everyone you know and love can enjoy.

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  1. I love the way technology is shaping up, but at the same time, does every device have to be so tiny? I guess I’m more of a Mac person. No matter the product. Just my style.

    – Beth

  2. Woah! Totally never thought of pairing technology with personality before, but this makes so much sense! Fun thing to think about when I make my next tech purchase.

  3. I personally love my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that I got from my wife. I used to use a dell laptop that was large and clunky. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was the best thing I could have got.