Hello Kitty Gets her Own Beats Headphones

If this is what happens for Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, we can only imagine what’s going to happen when she turns 50. We’ve seen nothing short of a hostile takeover of pop culture this year, with Hello Kitty’s face in so many places we might as well start calling her Big Sister. And now, even the nobles are falling in line behind the queen—the Beats Solo2 headphones are getting the Hello Kitty treatment.

The lightweight Beats Solo2 headphones are Beats’ most popular headphones, making them the only worthy destination for Hello Kitty, really. And, this means Hello Kitty has a foot in the door of Apple. Official Hello Kitty MacBook Pros? I feel like that’s not even that crazy of an idea anymore.

Hello Kitty will also be showing up on Beats’ Urbeats earphones. Either way, you’re paying a $50 Hello Kitty premium. The Hello Kitty Solo2 headphones will sell for $250, while the Urbeats will go for $150. You can sign up to be notified when both become available.