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Designer Electric Bike By Kenneth Cole and Riide Ready to Hit the Road

Electric bicycles don’t usually get the designer treatment, but it looks like an exception is being made by Kenneth Cole. Along with Riide, an electric bike company funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, Kenneth Cole is releasing a limited edition version of the bike.

The bike, if you’re not acquainted with Riide, is the Prius of bicycles. It’s a near-silent electric bike powered by a 44 volt, 350 watt engine that tops out at 20 mph without you needing to actually exert any physical effort. You can get to pedaling if you want to go faster than 20 mph, but if you’re using this as a commuter bike in the city, good luck hitting those speeds. The road bike has a 35 pound black aluminum frame emblazoned with the Kenneth Cole signature, with a black leather saddle and grips. There’s also a smartphone holder, which might be a little bit too tempting on an electric bike. The bike can get about 25 miles on a single charge, and takes between two and three hours to completely recharge.

The Limited Edition Electric Bike from Kenneth Cole and Riide is selling for $3,000. It’s being billed as limited edition, but we’re not sure how many models they’re actually going to produce. As far as designer editions go, the bike doesn’t have a whole lot of value added besides the Kenneth Cole signature, but hey, it’s a limited edition designer electric bike. Not a whole lot of those going around.

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