Incipio DualPro Shine iPhone 6 Case Review

No one needs a bent iPhone 6; protect it with the stylish DualPro Shine. Incipio’s DualPro Shine is a dual layer case with a brushed metal aluminum finish. While it has the thickness and weight of your standard iPhone case, it’s actually two cases that interlock. It comes in six different aluminum finishes.

DualPro Shine, appropriately named, has a rubber TPE jacket that looks and feels like a thin rubber case for your phone. This inner skin has button overlays for the lock and volume buttons. You wouldn’t want to use it by itself, which is what the tough shell is for. The shell is impact resistant lightweight polymer finished to look like brushed metal aluminum. It snaps right on top of the inner jacket.

DualPro is a tough case with a tough attitude. It doesn’t add much weight or bulk, but it does add a lot of protection. All corners and sides are well covered and there’s a bezel running around the face that adds a few millimeter buffer to the screen.

The brushed metal and two-tone design leaves your phone looking simple yet sophisticated. It’s a nice clean design. It’s pretty durable and does not easily scratch or wear. With that said, if you were to take the case on and off enough, the inner casing would probably start to warp. The application and removal process is a little awkward, but easy enough when you get used to it.

DualPro Shine is a great case for iPhone 6 if you’re looking for great protection in a not-so-flashy case. It’s comfortable, durable, protective, and easy to use. It isn’t the grippiest case, which might bother some people, but other than that it’s a really nice case. It’s available in six different aluminum finishes, including a fun rose gold on blush model. Incipio’s DualPro Shine is currently available for as little as $20.94 on Amazon.com.

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The Good: 6 Finishes to choose from, Protective, Durable, Usable
The Bad: Vibrate toggle tricky to access, Not compatible with most lightning docks, Awkward to apply and remove, Not so grippy