Moving Comfort Fineform Sports Bra Really is in Fine Form

Options are great with sports bras. However, wearable options often turn into a mangled mess of irritation at switching straps into clasps, hooks, and thingys that feel similar to Cirque du Soleil maneuvers. Moving Comfort took a unique approach to making a strap switch a cinch. Literally, it cinches together with a J-hook clasp from regular to razorback.

All the usual and expected bra perks are here in the Fineform. Moisture wicking, tight fit to keep you in place, and smooth interior fabric. The material feels ultra breathable and is very comfortable to exercise in. There tend to be two schools of thought on sports bras, to uniboob or not to uniboob. We wrote up a great piece about the specifics of sports bras here, and for us uniboob fell into the no-no zone, but there are some that like it. The Fineform falls squarely in the middle, advertising a “unicup” design. This is a healthy middle ground because each cup supports but does not squish completely together but also does not separate. This works great for A-C cups but can be problematic in the larger sizes.

The Fineform is very attractively designed. the style is unique with a cross cut contrast color that matches the straps in the back. The back straps connect with a separate set of straps from the front allowing for it to be worn regular bra style or razor back. The down side, and this can be a deal breaker for some, is that the straps are not length adjustable. This feature is a two edge sword with the upside being that the straps are sure to stay in place and not slip out like adjustable sports bras sometimes do. That is a great option for Crossfit addicts and Yoga enthusiasts. Modesty coverage is medium as well, with a fair amount of coverage but not extra thick padding. However, that makes it ultra breathable in all parts of the bra.

For $50, the Fineform is a fairly priced and very versatile cute sports bra. It is sturdy, durable, and will keep the ladies happy for many a workout. And who doesn’t love some much needed fresh design with sports bras?

The Good: Lightweight, breathable, cute, convertible

The Bad: Non-adjustable length straps.