Qik Returns as Skype Qik, a New Video Messaging App

Remember Qik? Once upon a time, it was an app that let you share or stream videos, with a little video chatting thrown in. Then, it was gone. That’s because it was bought out by Skype a few years ago, shortly before Skype was swallowed up by Microsoft. You can go pull up that image of a huge fish eating a large fish eating a small fish at your leisure.

Anyway, Qik’s back as Skype Qik, a new video messaging app. Instead of Skype, you won’t be using the new app to make video calls. Skype Qik is for sending video messages to friends—the text message to the phone call. Messages can be up to 40 seconds long, and you even have the option to delete one after you’ve sent it, so you can try to take back something dumb you said before the other person is any the wiser. This feature will be used.

You can also set quick, five-second video responses to use when you’re busy, kind of like a voicemail message. Should be a fun enough app for everyone, and best of all, it’s coming with robust platform support right out of the gate. Skype Qik is available now for free for iOS, Android, of course, Microsoft’s own Windows Phone.

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