Redbubble Is Selling a Lot of iPhone 6 Cases. Like, a Lot.

There’s an online marketplace called Redbubble, and it’s basically what would happen if you monetized deviantART. People from all over the globe send in their own works of art and design, which are then turned into shirts, prints, bags, and, yes, smartphone cases, making a little cash off of their work in the process. Long story short, that means there are a lot of smartphone cases you can buy from Redbubble. Redbubble is the Paradox of Choice manifest.

Experiments in surrealism, floral patterns, Batman—Redbubble’s smartphone collection has it all. At least, I’m going to assume it has it all. There are thousands upon thousands of designs to choose from, so it’s probably a pretty safe assumption. There are over 760,000 iPhone 6 cases alone, and they aren’t organized, so the only thing you can do is search for something you like. If you just want to browse, I guess you can just pick random pages? You’ll always be haunted by what you might have missed out on by not looking at the other 750,900 cases, though. I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle that kind of psychic weight.

If you want to brave Redbubble, go right ahead. Prices vary, but generally hang around the $30 level. You can also go full deviantART and turn off the mature content filter at the bottom, but godspeed if you do that, because I have no idea what that filter is hiding.

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