Siren Ring Protects Women with its Deafening Alarm

Siren is a new personal safety device that hides in plain sight as a fashionable ring. It’ll pass for a nice accessory on a night out, but the important part is what’s ready and waiting underneath the stone.

The ring is actually a high-pitched, 110 dB alarm designed to blast anyone directly in front of it with a deafening wail. If a woman feels threatened outside of her home, she can point the ring at her attacker and quickly give the stone a counterclockwise twist, which will activate the alarm and startle the would-be attacker. It could be a nice thing to have in a pinch, and ultimately, any weapon in your arsenal to keep you safe is worthwhile.

It helps that Siren really can pass as a fashion statement, even if it is a bit large. The Siren ring comes in gold or silver with either a carnelian or labradorite stone, and sell for $250 each.

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