With Vusay, Pop Up Videos Go Social

You remember VH1’s Pop Up Videos, right? Little trivia tidbits, innuendos and factoids popped up on screen in little balloons. Well, Vusay is heading towards socializing that process. Their website lets you take any YouTube video and post a running dialog of commentary alongside the video—now everyone is a potential Pop Up creator!

The young website is just getting its mojo going, so many of the videos have either few or somewhat inane comments (Ed. note: still YouTube videos, after all), but the idea is pretty creative. A visit to the VuSay site reveals popular YouTube videos, from sports to car racing, Jimmy Fallon to Mental Floss. As the videos get played on VuSay, registered users can comment. These comments get stored and viewed by other visitors to the site any time that YouTube video is played from within VuSay.

I could think of lots of reasons you’d use this as one more way to be social and have a network built around videos.  I can also see it being used by companies as an effective marketing tool. I pulled in one video from a live FashionWare show that my company does and when I checked back a week later there were 39 comments (some comments adding information to the video were created by me). Ultimately, VuSay hopes to make the platform one brands will use to create video-based communities. There’s a point scheme designed to motivate you to comment more by offering rewards. The more you comment, the more points you gather in the game.

VuSay is not very well fleshed out and there’s no special mobile app yet, but the underlying technology is what drew me in.

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