Faux Fur Trapper Hat Makes Headphones Winter Ready


Hot Topic isn’t exactly our first port of call when it comes to buying audio equipment, but we’ll always give a second glance to practical headgear that throws in some cheap audio for good measure. You aren’t going to find Sennheiser quality in the Black Faux Fur Trapper, but then again, Sennheiser doesn’t make anything that protects your head from sub-freezing temperatures, with which I believe some of you are already getting acquainted.


The all-black (Hot Topic does Hot Topic) trapper should help you brave the early winter with head warmth and good tunes, the latter thanks to a pair of speakers stitched in near the ears. They aren’t wireless, but the cable is retractable, so you won’t have a rogue cable swinging all over the place if you aren’t listening to music. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to use it for phone calls, but hey, it’s a cheap pair of speakers built into a winter hat. It meets expectations.

The Black Faux Fur Trapper is on sale now for $15.60.