Gift Guide 2014: For the Geek Who Has Everything

As we know, just about everyone wants tech for the holidays. That makes holiday shopping a lot easier—except for the people most into all things tech. If you think they might want it, chances are they already have it (or something better). So, how do you pleasantly surprise the geek who has everything this year? We’ve got a few ideas that they just might have missed this year—don’t admit defeat and get them a gift card just yet.

HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0 Shark Tank


They might not have thought to replace their pets with robots yet, so you’ve got that going for you. This shark tank from HEXBUG holds the Tom and Jerry of the robotic pet world—a shark and an angelfish with an glowing LED light inside. The angelfish can go dormant to save battery power, but don’t worry—if it’s time to swim for his life, a tap on the tank will wake him up and get him swimming again. The HEXBUG Aquabot 2.0 Shark Tank is on Amazon now for $30.

Game of Thrones 19-Inch Christmas Stocking

game of thrones

The holiday spirit is so strong, even the great houses are uniting for a common cause. Not even the Others (or White Walkers, if you’re more about the show) managed that. This wonderful holiday stocking also is in keeping with the Game of Thrones spirit, which is to say you’re going to have to wait longer than you want for it to actually come out. This Christmas stocking doesn’t ship until January 2015, but it’ll make for a solid late holiday gift. Besides, winter will always come again. The Game of Thrones Christmas Stocking can be preordered on Entertainment Earth for $15.

ColorWare Roomba 780


Yeah, if they’re a geek who has everything, there’s a good chance they already have a Roomba. That’s fine. If it’s a Roomba 780, just steal it from them. Usually, we would frown on the idea of stealing something from a friend and giving it back to them as a holiday present, but thanks to ColorWare, it’s more than acceptable. Just send in the Roomba 780 you jacked (or buy a new one straight from ColorWare), get a custom paint job your friend/temporary victim will love, and get it under the tree in time for the holidays. Better plan your caper quick, though—you’ll need to get a used Roomba 780 in to ColorWare by November 27 to guarantee delivery by Christmas. The new paint job now costs only $180, while the new Roomba option has also gotten a price cut, down to $830.

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