Which are the BEST Holiday Shopping Apps? [Video]

Holiday shopping has changed. More and more, we’re turning to the internet for shopping. Let’s be honest, while there were a few special deals the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is now pretty much the entire two months of November and December, with tons of deals to take advantage of to make everyone happy. The deluge of online holiday deals means that you can get all your shopping done straight from your pajamas while getting deals as good or better than the ones you used to line up in the snow for.

But, for a proper online shopping experience, you’re going to want a device you can get comfortable with. Enter the Yoga 3 Pro, Lenovo’s newest 2-in-1 notebook. Needless to say, newest also means thinnest and lightest—at 13.8 mm thick and 2.62 pounds, it’s no sweat to carry around, even if you’re feeling under the winter weather.

The thinness and lightness are terrific, but what self-respecting notebook isn’t going on a diet these days? The real strength of the Yoga line has always been its flexibility, and that’s better than ever in the new Yoga 3 Pro. The four modes of use—laptop, tablet, stand, and tent—are back and get a boost from the new watchband hinge. This hinge has been designed to suit the extreme thinness of the Yoga 3 Pro, and looks great to boot. With six focus points, the hinge is also steadier than before.

That 360 degree hinge is what makes all of those use modes possible. You can flop down in your computer chair and use the Yoga 3 Pro like a laptop to get some serious shopping done on Amazon or eBay, where you can still find solid deals from retailers and private sellers alike. Or, you can lay on the couch and put it into tent mode, but you should make sure it’s a soft couch and that you don’t stay in that position too long, or you will bring about the holiday specter of elbow tendonitis. Shame our hinges weren’t built as well as the Yoga 3 Pro’s, but alas. While you’re there, try using the Shoppr for Walmart app. You’ll be able to find exclusive deals from the company that’s pretty much made their name on deals.

See a hot deal you need to show off to someone else? Flip the Yoga 3 Pro into stand mode, which tucks the keyboard away behind the display, putting the screen front and center. You’ll be sure to find one of those deals on ShopEverywhere, which might just be the best shopping app of them all. ShopEverywhere pulls together 21 online shops, including big names like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Kohl’s, along with online bargain sites like Newegg. You can browse through all 21 of those shops right from one app, and make purchases when you’ve found just the right gift.

And, if you need to go mobile, you can flip the Yoga 3 Pro a full 360 degrees to use it as a tablet along with the full suite of Windows 8.1 apps. Here, you can make your lists and check them twice with Evernote. Make sure your nice and naughty lists are backed up to the cloud—you know those naughty types aren’t above a little digital sabotage.

No matter how you shop online, the Yoga 3 Pro is ready to bend into just the shape you need. Thanks to all those online deals, that means this year you can relax, enjoy the holiday season, and pour yourself an extra glass of egg nog or two. Beats hitting the mall in sub-zero temperatures, that’s for sure.


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